Our first 77th hill walk took a mixed group of Explorer and Network Scouts up Auchineden Hill and the Whangie in the Kilpatrick Hills. 

Distance: 5.3km
Time: 4.5 hours
Ascent: 192m
Walking group: Liam, David, Jethro, Gerard, Kyle, John, Aidan
Walking leaders: Kerrie, Ross, John, Michael, Martin, Euan, Mairi, Iain

Auchineden and Whangie


We spent the Friday night at Auchengillan preparing all our kit, testing our boots and brushing up on our map reading skills.  We played some board games (David beating Michael at chess and Kyle and Jethro beating Kerrie at scrabble) and then planned our route for the next day. We picked out some map symbols and used those as a guide for things to look out for on the hill.

Saturday morning we had breakfast and set off along the road to the Queen’s View car park. There were already a few cars there – people getting up early to do the hill! We set off – first over a style and then some sleepers taking us across a boggy bit before we started our ascent. The weather wasn’t great but it wasn’t raining… yet!

After about an hour and a half we reached the top of Auchineden Hill – 357m tall. It was very windy at the top but we posed for a ‘selfie’!

We then descended towards Burncrooks Reservoir before turning into a valley to take us towards the Whangie. By this point the rain was on and we needed to get our singing voices going to keep our spirits up!

The Whangie loomed above us. This is a strange rock formation, caused by “glacial plucking” – which caused steep sided rocks to rise on either side of a small gap which we all managed to get through. We stopped in a sheltered spot for our packed lunches before rejoining the path going back down.

We arrived back at the car park, jumped in the sunshine coach and went back to Glengoyne Lodge for a cup of tea to warm up.

Well done to everyone for taking part!

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