While BBC News and others might be covering another (less important) election in the UK, our Scouts have been preparing their own campaigns to be Prime Minister.

Over the past few weeks the Scouts (young people aged 11 to 14) have been preparing their own manifestos – full of fantastic ideas for how they think they could make the country better. Ideas included more renewable energy, less homework, ending homelessness, free sweets for everyone, strong and stable tents and much more.

After a first stage election which whittled the candidates down to just two, it was time for the live debate on Monday night. The two finalists Callum and Nathan were pitted against a tough audience of fellow Scouts who didn’t give them an easy time!

Questions¬†ranged from ‘what do you think about Donald Trump’ to ‘how old is the Queen’. They weren’t allowed to get away with not answering either!

After a final vote Nathan was elected as Prime Minister by 11 votes to 9.

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