Welcoming new Cubs and Scouts

With just a few days left before 80 Scouts, Explorers, Network Scouts and volunteers head off on an expedition to Belgium, we had some fun in the (sunny!) park to mark our last Monday of the year.

The Cubs held a day of adventure too – heading off to Glengoyne Lodge to explore the Path of Possibilities, pitch tents, try out a hammock and play a few games of hide and seek.

Over these two days we welcomed four new Cubs and Scouts into the 77th and the worldwide family of Scouts. They said their promise and were awarded their first badges. A big welcome to Mitchell, Keenan, Daniel and Blair!

Along with lots of badges, awards and prizes, we also had to say goodbye to three of our Network Scouts who have reached 25 years of age. After many long years in the Scouts and countless summer and weekend camps, we said farewell to Craig, Jordan and Kurtis.

We’re now off for the summer holidays, and will return in September…

You can see more photos from the Cub day and our end of term fun in the park here.

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