Carers Rights Day – reflections on Glengoyne Lodge

Today is #CarersRightsDay and we’ve been thinking about all our parents and carers. Primarily we exist to provide support so young people with disabilities can have adventures, increase their confidence and gain skills for life, but we also know the respite we provide has an impact too.

As we’ve been moving forward with the redevelopment of Glengoyne Lodge – our centre for weekend short breaks – we asked our Trustee and parent of one of our Scouts, Mark, for his thoughts:

Our son has cerebral palsy and is entirely dependent on those who care for him. Independence has been an alien concept to him. His Monday nights at Scouts are perhaps his only time away from teachers, parents or carers, his only time to just be a kid among other kids. He has always loved the horsing around, the fun experiments he’s been helped to carry out, the general silliness at times and the being part of a gang.

As he has grown older and bigger the facilities at Glengoyne Lodge have been less suitable for him and so he’s only managed one overnight there. He has attended a number of day camps and clearly loved that same silliness and that sense of lightness with his pals in the beautiful outdoor setting of Auchengillan where Glengoyne Lodge is set.

The fire lighting, the woodland walks and pond dipping have all fixed that smile on his face for when mum and dad came for the pickup. And there’s the singing. Singing makes him laugh and smile more than anything until, lulled by the firelight and the cool, fresh air he nods off, wrapped up in his chair. How nice it would be for him to then be taken to bed to wake with his pals in the morning and continue the fun the next day. At present this is not possible; a refurbished Glengoyne Lodge would make it possible.”

We’ll have more updates on the Lodge development project soon, but in the meantime you can find out more about our fundraising efforts and, if you are able, contribute here: