A look back at our 2021 adventures

For many of us 2021 didn’t seem all that different to 2020 – lots of ups and downs due to COVID and things being scheduled and cancelled plus I’m sure for many the continued lack of activities and respite. For us 2021 saw the return to face to face activities and that was a real highlight. We also pushed forward on our fundraising for the redevelopment of Glengoyne Lodge. This is a short look back at our year!

Starting 2021 – Scouting from home

2021 started off much the same as 2020 ended – with us unable to meet face to face and trying to find ways to keep all our Scouts active and taking part in activities. We left behind the Scout Taskmaster and started to focus on some badges we could all do together, but from our own homes. Our volunteers travelled round the city delivering more than 120 activity boxes to all our Scouts. We held meetings on Zoom where the young people could share what they had been working on and talk us through how they have achieved the badge.

Thanks to Youthlink Scotland for the grant which allowed us to purchase the materials for these activities and distribute them around the city.

September 2021 – we’re back!

We were delighted that over the summer holidays we could start to plan our return to face to face activities again. A lot of work went into preparing risk assessments and processes to ensure our meetings were safe and that we reduced our risks from COVID as much as possible. Initially our oldest sections returned, then over the next few months the Scouts and Explorers restarted too. 

November 2021 – the COP conference

The Climate Change conference COP26 in Glasgow did cause a little bit of a headache – trying to get Scouts from every corner of the city to our halls when roads were shut everywhere wasn’t the easiest challenge! But once we were there we had some great programme learning about climate change and how we can all reduce, reuse and recycle to improve our planet.

Glengoyne Lodge project moves forward

Much of 2020 had been about us pushing forward with the fundraising so we could commence our redevelopment of Glengoyne Lodge to make it fully accessible for all our young people. We were astounded with the support we received – more than a thousand individual donations and some hugely significant grants from grant funders like The Robertson Trust, RS Macdonald Trust and Garfield Weston Foundation.

As a result of these donations and grants we were able to commence the building works this year, and the extension is now wind and watertight, ready for internal rennovations in the new year.

We are still short of our final target to complete the building and you can make a contribution towards the appeal here, including sponsoring a brick!

What does 2022 have in store for us?

Making predictions these days is a dangerous game! However we do know we will make continued progress on the Glengoyne Lodge build and hopefully raise enough money to complete it so we can use it for activities once again.

We also plan to open our remaining sections although this is dependent on recruiting new volunteers which we have struggled to do so far this year for a number of reasons. We will be launching a fresh recruitment drive in early January so we can reopen our Beavers, Cubs and split our Scout Troop into North and South sections as soon as possible.

Keep in touch with us in 2022 and have a great  new year celebration whatever you are doing!