Thinking of our friends in Ukraine

Over the past few days we’ve all been thinking about Ukraine and the tragedy that is unfolding there.

We have a long association with Ukraine, firstly supporting the Ukraine Scottish Experience which brought young people from Ukraine across to Scotland for a few weeks each summer and more recently with some amazing young Ukrainians joining us as volunteers on our summer camps.

Over many years young Ukrainians Bogdan, Slava, Sergiy, Zhenya, Roma, Pasha, Volodymyr, Alex, Nick, Alex, Victor, Dima, Rustam, Pavel, Nedelcho, Marko, Eugene, Misha, Bogdan, Yevgen, Nick, Alex and Iiilya travelled to Scotland and joined our team supporting different young people with disabilities at camps. 

We grew to love the stories and songs that our Ukrainian friends brought to camps, particularly singing some of their traditional songs around the campfire.

We hope you are all able to stay safe and join us again in the future in Scotland.