Down’s Syndrome Awareness Day

Monday 21st March is World Down’s Syndrome Awareness Day – a day designated to celebrate the achievements of people with Down’s Syndrome but also to raise awareness of the continued stigma and misunderstandings around the condition. 

We asked one of our Scouts, Ryan to help us make a short video along with his mum Laura about being in Scouts and Down’s Syndrome. The sound isn’t brilliant because our Scouts were being really noisy in the background (typical!) but here it is:

At Scouts we see all our young people as Scouts first and foremost, but with individual support needs. However part of the awareness raising of today is around how we talk about Down’s Syndrome. Here are a few key things to note:

  1. Some people call it Down’s Syndrome or Down Syndrome – it’s the same thing, but however you say it, it’s a condition or a syndrome, not a disease.
  2. A person with Down’s Syndrome is a person with Down’s Syndrome, never a ‘Downs person’ or ‘that child has Down’s’.
  3. Just as with any other young people, no two young people with Down’s Syndrome are alike, so get to know the individual, not the condition. For us that involves a personalised support plan along with their likes and dislikes which helps us plan an inclusive programme.

Down’s Syndrome Scotland have published an excellent video on the whole issue of ‘Words Matter’ which is worth your time today: