Scout badges from home!

Scout badges from home

While we can’t enjoy Scouts together, we’d like to encourage you to join us as we undertake some activities to work towards four badges. You choose the badge, we’ll help you with the activities!

How can we do badges if we’re not at Scouts?

You can do some Scout badges when you’re not at Scouts, and we’d like to encourage you to have a go at some of them! We’re going to offer some activities to help you complete 4 badges – you can choose one to start with, and hopefully we’ll have time for a second one too. We’ll provide the activities and ideas on how to complete them, you just need to have a go!

What badges can we choose from?

You can work on any of the hundreds of badges that are available to you – requirements all here. However for the next few weeks we’d like everyone to try and have a go at one of these four badges, and we’ll work through all the activities together!

Digital Activity Badge

This badge is all about digital technology, the ways you use it and the impact it has on our lives. You’ll complete some activities using whatever devices you have at home, and the overall aim is for you to learn more about how to use technology (or show us if you already are an expert!)

Chef Activity Badge

This badge is all about cooking up something amazing in the kitchen! Along the way you’ll also think about hygiene, what a balanced diet means and try out lots of different cooking activities!

Scientist Activity Badge

In this badge you’ll be undertaking some experiments so you can understand the world around us and all about energy, reactions and how we and other animals survive! The experiments won’t be too explosive and we’ll explain everything you need to do!

Photography Activity Badge

Cameras at the ready! In this badge you’ll have a go at some still and video photography using whatever equipment you have available at home. You’ll do a photography project of your own and show off some of your best snaps!

How this will work

We want to keep this as simple as possible for you to do at home in your own time. So once you’ve signed up to a badge we’ll send out a pack with all the requirements and some resources to get you started.

There is choice in every badge so if you can’t do one of the requirements don’t worry, just try something else. As with all badges we’re looking for effort not following the instructions to the letter – so if you want to demonstrate something else show us and we’ll decide if you should be awarded the badge!

Once you’ve completed a task you just need to email and the volunteer organising your badge will get back to you.

Then we’ll see if you’ve done enough to be awarded the badge!

If you have any questions at any point contact us with the email address above.

Sign Up

Click here to complete a very short form and sign up for the badge you want to work on first. We’ll then send you (almost) everything you need to complete the badge!