How to tell your fundraising story

We know that when people are thinking about giving to charity they want to know a bit about what their money will be used for. We’ve put together these words to help you explain to people what your fundraising is all about.

We’ve also put below some images that you can download to use on your fundraising page or on social media profiles when you are sharing.

Our top piece of advice is to use this section as a guide but personalise it yourself – that will make it much more persuasive for people reading it. Perhaps a story of your connection to our charity, or if you know of someone who benefits from our activities, what impact do you think it has on them personally? Stories are great ways to grab people’s attention!

First of, here is a little about us as a charity:

We believe everyone is entitled to adventure, and through a team of over 120 volunteers we provide one to one support for children and young people aged 6 to 25 with a range of disabilities and additional needs so they can experience the great outdoors, grow in confidence and gain skills for life.

Here is a brief summary of what you’re fundraising for:

Adventure is at the heart of what we do, and our weekend camps are a key part of delivering that for young people. Our base for these camps – Glengoyne Lodge – was built in 1977 and no longer meets our accessibility requirements or the complex care needs of many of the young people we support. That’s why we’ve developed plans to comprehensively redevelop the building, improving it’s accessibility and expanding the type of support we can provide for young people. The proposed development is budgeted at £250,000, of which we’ve already raised 85%.

Our young people have been involved in designing the redeveloped building from the outset, and two of our Network Scouts – Ross and Michael – tell the story very well in this short film of why the building doesn’t suit their needs anymore:

You can also point people to our leaflet here which provides much more information on the project

Images you can use

Try to make the profile picture on your fundraising page your own image – this is more likely to encourage people to donate to you as an individual, as much as us as an organisation.

Feel free to use your own photograph or image for the header of your fundraising page or on social media when you are sharing your page, but you can also use one of the images below – just right click and select ‘save link as’ to download the full size image and import into Virgin Money Giving or on social media when you share your page.