Scout Taskmaster

Welcome to the Christmas special edition of Scout Taskmaster!

Watch our introductory video below and the first challenge from the Taskmaster!

For the next few days we’ll post a new challenge every day, with the final points being awarded on Wednesday 23rd December. Complete whatever challenges you want and get them to us when you can by email – or by DM on our social media channels. If you want to send us a video clip you can use our Dropbox page to upload it – just click here.

Challenge 1: take a photo or a video looking as festive as you possibly can and wish everyone a Merry Christmas! You could record a short clip beside your Christmas tree, or make a poster and hold it up or just look especially festive in some other way! The Taskmaster will judge who is theĀ most festive!

Challenge 2: create from scratch the most creative Christmas tree decoration you can using only materials you find in your house – upcycle! Points will be awarded for the most creative use of old materials and for overall festiveness!