Our virtual tour of Scotland to raise money for the Glengoyne Lodge Appeal

During July 2020 more than 100 participants went on a virtual tour of Scotland, travelling 300km to some of our favourite summer camp locations. 

We’re doing this to raise money for our Glengoyne Lodge Appeal so we can upgrade our outdoor centre to meet the care needs of all our young people. Find out more about the project here.

Total raised so far

After a month of fundraising, more than a thousand individual donors have contributed to the appeal, and the total raised was:


towards the Glengoyne Lodge Appeal. We’re hugely grateful to everyone who contributed.

Make a donation

You can make a donation to the Appeal by clicking the link below:

Glengoyne Lodge Appeal

The Glengoyne Lodge Appeal is raising £250,000 to make our outdoor centre fully accessible to all young people. You can find out much more about the project and our plans for the centre on the main appeal page here.

Where we are on our tour

Our 292km tour of Scotland takes our participants round seven of our favourite summer camp locations, ending in the beautiful highland scenery of Glen Lyon and our most recent summer camp location at Meggernie Outdoor Centre.

Below is a breakdown of our main stops along the route. 

Stop 1 - Auchengillan Outdoor Centre

Auchengillan Outdoor Centre is our ‘home’ campsite, and is where Glengoyne Lodge is located. Since 1977 we’ve been having adventures here, almost all our weekend camps and loads of other activities are held here. Auchengillan provides us with a base but also lots of accessible activities and of course the tuck shop which is a highlight of any weekend camp!

We also took part in two international Jamborees at Auchengillan, in 1999 and 2003 and held our summer camp at Auchengillan in 2005, 2006 and 2007. You can see photos from those camps on our Flickr page here.

Stop 2 - Barrwood Scout Camp, Stirling

We camped at Barrwood Scout Camp, which is near Stirling for two summer camps – in 2009 and in 2017. You can read all about our 2017 summer camp through the Patrol Log Books which are written by the young people themselves.

For some photos from both summer camps you can look at our Flickr page – click here for the 2009 camp and here for the 2017 camp.

Stop 3 - Bonaly Scout Centre, Edinburgh

We camped at Bonaly Scout Centre in Edinburgh in 2004 and again in 2012.

Back in 2004 we had a Troy themed camp, complete with an entire camp rescuing Helen of Troy from a tall tower! We also visited Edinburgh on 4th July and were right in the middle of the US Embassy’s Independence Day party at Dynamic Earth – one of our Scouts managed to get a photo with some US Marines!

In 2012 we celebrated the Olympics which were being held in London a few weeks later. Our Scout Network also had an overnight expedition into the city centre, staying at a hostel for the evening and going fishing the next day! It’s fair to say our week at Bonaly wasn’t the greatest of weather, and our campsite did turn into a bit of a mud bath by the end of the week!

You can see more photos from our 2012 summer camp on our Flickr page here.

Stop 4 - Fordell Firs Scout Adventure Centre, Dunfermline

Our last summer camp at Fordell Firs in Fife was in 2014 when we held an American themed summer camp and even learned all the words to the national anthem! Our Scout Network patrol also headed off on an expedition to Lochgoilhead for a few nights, we had a day hike across the Forth Road Bridge and we learned how to make our own rockets!

We have previously joined other national camps at Fordell Firs, and held summer camps in 2002, 1998, 1994 and 1990 so we know the site well!

You can read the full log book (which is written by the young people themselves) from our 2014 camp by clicking the link below:

You can also view loads more photos from that camp on our Flickr page by clicking here.

Stop 5 - Nineacres Scout Camp, Crook of Devon

A decade ago for our summer camp in 2010 we went to a new campsite for us, Nineacres in the village of Crook of Devon. It’s a lovely campsite – complete with a river and (very chilly!) outdoor swimming pool!

2010 was a World Cup year so we had a series of activities based around that, and also aliens landed at the campsite! We also had a great day out to St Andrews.

You can watch a film of the camp (the theme music will bring back South Africa 2010 memories!) below or view all the photos from the camp on our Flickr page here.

Stop 6 - Meggernie Scout Adventure Centre, Glen Lyon

Most people haven’t quite reached this stop yet, so check back soon for an update!